Information, Design, & Storage Solutions

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ACG helps its clients establish and maintain policies, procedures and solutions to ensure compliance with DFARS requirements. Our personnel can assist your organization in ensuring it has appropriate practices and processes in place to protect FCI and CUI.

Government, Healthcare and Commercial organizations must address IT challenges unique to their industry. One common conundrum lies in operational needs for data exchange and the resulting need to ensure data availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. ACG brings decades of experience helping our customers identify and reconcile these needs to create secure, reliable and cost-effective security solutions.

As server virtualization technologies become more expected as a mainstream data center service, ACG offers a wide variety of technologies, solutions and services that allow your organization to consolidate your infrastructure while easing management costs.

Athena helps its clients establish and maintain policies, procedures and solutions to ensure compliance with governing laws and regulations or to achieve certification and accreditation status. These include federal legislation such as SOX, the Privacy Act and HIPAA; as well as government Certification & Accreditation programs i.e. DIACAP / DIARMF.

Explosive growth and demand for storage, coupled with the advent of networked storage technology and information litigation, has revolutionized the data center and repositioned information at the forefront. We provide proven solutions for storage resource management, tiered storage, data archiving, mobility and replication, operational backup & recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity, and the networked storage technology infrastructure to support your IT enterprise.

Whether it’s integrating a new technology or redesigning a global IT infrastructure, ACG has the expertise and experience to ensure project success. ACG engineers have worked directly for the industry’s top vendors including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, McAfee and F5. Our years of experience in the areas of Federal and State Government, Commercial (including the nations largest financial institutions), and Health Care, (military and private), make partnering with Athena a wise decision in any business computing environment.

Security & Testing Solutions

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A cybersecurity controls assessment delivers an in-depth, independent review of your company’s ability to protect information assets against cyber threats. During an assessment, we will review your existing security posture and assess the maturity level of your current information security controls.

Our Security Test and Evaluation team will provide you with a detailed report, remediation assistance, and a DoD compliant POA&M to kick start your ATO process.

Optimizing the application servers, web servers and database servers that make up your enterprise IT infrastructure has become a business imperative. To transact business in a networked economy your distributed workforce, partners and customers rely on the availability, performance and security of mission critical web-applications. By employing Application Delivery Networking and Application Acceleration technology you will maximize your business potential and get the greatest value from your investments in IT and people.

The use of wireless internet connectivity has become important in today’s business environment in order to stay flexible and efficient. Athena Consulting Group can ensure that your wireless solution is up to date and equipped with today’s latest security implementations. ACG has the personnel and experience in the industry allowing us to offer a complete wireless security solution.

ACG has extensive experience in Network Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing. Utilizing the latest commercial tools, open source utilities, and custom proprietary tools, ACG can assist you in meeting your security testing needs.

A vulnerability assessment shows the system’s security posture with respect to specific vulnerabilities. The focus of vulnerability assessment exercises is to perform a thorough examination of the IT environment and identify the weak points. The vulnerability assessment interprets and compares results against the various business processes to determine whether the perceived vulnerability is indeed valid, is a false positive or whether other security controls address the perceived vulnerability.

Building on the valuable information gained from vulnerability assessment exercises, the goal of penetration testing is to determine if the protective controls of a given IT system can be bypassed by actively exploiting identified weaknesses. Penetration Testing provides evidence (sometimes to an unbelieving audience) that vulnerabilities indeed are exploitable. It brings a dose of reality and intense focus to the vulnerability assessment.

Healthcare Industry Experts

Provide forward looking and efficient cyberscurity, program management and Health IT services for the heathcare industry and goverment, including HIPAA.HITECH assessments, FISMA/DIARMF compliance, policy reviews, Authorization support and strategic planning.

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