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Cyber Awareness Reporting Tool (CART)

CART, programmed in Microsoft Access, is a single test event rapid assessment and reporting tool. [view CART brochure]

Capable of importing the following data:

  • Nessus Scan Results (.nessus files)
  • SCAP Compliance Checker (SCC) results (xccdf reports)
  • STIG Checklist Viewer (.ckl files)
  • STIG XCCDF Manual STIG Templates (XCCDF XML files)

Produce custom Risk Assessment Reports and NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliant Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) reports.

30 day demo licenses available upon request.

For additional information/requests, contact

Download CART_v2.20
CART User Guide

* Requires Microsoft Access 2010 or above to run.

To purchase CART, please choose a license option and follow the links below, or contact us at for a payment invoice. Download CART_v2.19 and run it to generate an Activation Code. License key(s) will be sent to you upon receipt of payment.

CART One User License, one year term, $1,950 – BUY NOW

CART Two User License, one year term, $3,400 – BUY NOW

CART Three User License, one year term, $5,000 – BUY NOW

  • Please Note: License Keys cannot be generated until the application has been run the first time and an Activation Code is generated. The License Key uses the Activation Code to lock the application to the CPU and user (based on the email address they provide when filling out the form in the application). These keys are non-transferable, so make sure it is run from the computer that will be used with the application. If the person using the application gets a new computer a new license key will need to be created. However, there will not be any additional fees for this within the term of the license as long as the email address used for the initial License Key is the same.
  • ACG’s Country of Permanent Establishment is the United States of America. CART was developed and is maintained in the USA.
  • ACG’s Privacy Policy may be viewed at this link.
  • Return, Refund, and/or Cancellation Policy:
    ACG does not accept returns or offer refunds once a CART one year license has been purchased. However, all of our potential customers are welcomed to use CART on a free limited time trial basis prior to making a purchase decision. Please email for a free trial.
  • Both the CART software and license(s) will be e-delivered, generally within 2-4 business days or less. If you need the CART software shipped to your location, please contact us at