Federal & State

ACG draws on a rich history of servicing government agencies by providing large-scale project management, data security, training and education, and compliance assistance. Our customers include the intelligence community, the DOD, the State of West Virginia and others. We are proud to have led successful collaborative projects across the military branches. Our proven capabilities working with federal initiatives have delivered tried-and-true solutions to agencies with mission-critical objectives. ACG understands the stakes involved in securing federal data; thus, we bring the best practices and expertise to bear in order to achieve success in our government projects. Each and every member of our team brings with them a specialized knowledge based on years of working in government technology to ensure the highest-quality solutions that meet federal, state, and local standards. Please visit our services center for a listing of our comprehensive services.


We stand behind our corporate clients by delivering comprehensive solutions that consistently meet their technology objectives. From national banks to Fortune 100’s, our clientele has one thing in common: the need for practical, reliable data solutions that ensure the secure, efficient use of data center and network design, implementation, management and project management. Known for our security expertise, ACG consists of an elite group of networking professionals whose fingers are on the pulse of the industry’s latest products and techniques. We understand the need for quality and efficiency in corporate technology services and we recognize that our customers’ customers demand and deserve the best practices ACG provides.

Contract Vehicles